• Nissan brings world’s first live 360 degree film to sport at the UEFA Champions League Final
  • The film will cover real time experiences as Madrid fans go head to head
  • Final 360° will be the only way to be in Milan and Madrid at the same time
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To celebrate this year’s UEFA Champions League Final, Nissan is taking the brand to the forefront of innovation and entertainment by creating the world’s first YouTube live 360 degrees film for a major sporting event, focusing on real-time fan excitement on the streets of Madrid.


The first-of-its-kind film will be broadcast via Nissan’s YouTube channel and will be available to the estimated 180 million viewers of the UEFA Champions League Final before and during the Final in Milan on 28 May 2016. 

Called FINAL 360°, the film will cover the excitement and real time experiences of the fans of the two opposing finalist teams, Real Madrid C.F. and Atlético Madrid. Taking the raw emotion and rivalry around the Final not shown on TV and broadcasting it directly to the fans’ via their smart device – FINAL 360°is the only way to be in both Milan and Madrid at the same time.

Jean Pierre Diernaz, VP Marketing Nissan Europe: "The UEFA Champions League Final played out betweenAtlético Madrid and Real Madrid C.F. will take grassroots rivalry and passion for the game to a new level. Nissan, the engineers of excitement, will be right in the midst of the action, and by using the pioneering technology of live 360 broadcasting via YouTube we are placing ourselves at the forefront of innovation – and giving football fans something they have never experienced before. 2016 is the year of 360° films – but 360° live on YouTube at a sports event is a world first!”

360° videos, broadcast through YouTube, is new and one of the most innovative new forms of filmmaking - a technique that has only been possible since April 2016. 360° videos are created by using an omni-directional camera where different directions are recorded simultaneously. The viewer is in control of the viewing direction, creating a form of virtual reality. When watched on a second screen, the viewer simply moves their phone or tablet to control which direction they would like to see. During this year’s UEFA Champions League Final Nissan estimates 50% of all viewers will watch the game with a second device or screen in their hands. 

To get the footage, reporters will take to the streets of Madrid to record the fans’ reactions live as the two opposing teams watch the Final. Producers will then ‘live direct’ these streams from Madrid together to create one immersive 360° experience.  

Watch the action unfold live on 28 May 2016 on Nissan’s YouTube