Now at our three large dealers, Bromma, Malmö and Sätra is the all new 100% electric NISSAN LEAF!

This car drives just like a normal bensin engine and you are all welcome to come in and take a test drive in this all new product

Each of the stores will have a Nissan LEAF on display inside the showroom and will also have a Nissan LEAF that you can come and test drive and experience what we have already experienced as dealers .... WOW! We are sure you will be so impressed with the performance of this new product. It was a huge investment for us to train our staff to be able to work on this product and we are proud that we were the only dealers that actually had technicians that passed the required exams to be able to qualify to sell the Nissan LEAF! We have great staff and great products and great customers and we thank all for this!

Now an exciting new era will start ... and those that come will see ... it is affordable to be a ZERO CO2 emission! 

Thank you NISSAN for being such a great partner and for bringing out such a great product! We are really proud to be your biggest single franchise only dealer group in the Nordics!

We sell every 4th car in Sweden and with Nissan LEAF could possibly sell every 3rd car in Sweden

Norway launched the product last month and in their first month got orders for over 1000 Nissan LEAF's ... this is how much they believed in the product when they saw it